In the Moment is world music by San Diego area guitarist Jimmy Patton and percussionist Enrique Platas (as Jimmy and Enrique). The new album covers a lot of musical geography, especially for a disc that limits itself to just Patton’s nylon-stringed guitar and Platas’ cajon, hand drums, and cymbals. With considerable national renown for his prowess, Patton has appeared with many local performers, and on his 2009 solo CD Time Travels. Platas, a Mexico City native, has been a busy session and tour musician on both sides of the border for years. Last year, they toured Colombia together and the international flavor is easily heard in their music. ”

— Frank Koche - Troubadour

After listening to the album for the first time, I read another review. I was terribly pleased with myself to have noticed the Middle Eastern and of course, Latin influences in the music. Looking at the album now, I realize the song titles would have provided context clues. I dare you to listen to this album and sit still. ”

— That Green Hen - Blog That Green Hen

J&E are some of the best musicians in San Diego. Jimmy Patton is a top-class guitarist, currently signed with Pacific Records. He is acknowledged as one of the best guitarists in the country, and has opened for jazz greats Stanley Jordan and Terrance Blanchard. Enrique Platas is a world-renowned drummer and percussionist. He has played on albums from Sony Mexico, and has opened for the B-52s and trumpeter Chris Botti. You can buy In the Moment on their website. ”

— That Green Hen

Jimmy and Enrique is the acoustic and magical sound of two artists that sounds like 6 people on stage. Journey through different songs in an acoustic style with Jimmy and Enrique, as they play a guitar and percussion; experience the captivating sound that will grab your soul. It’s a guitar and percussion experience; it’s a world class, world music. ”

— Pacific Records